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5 Unexpected Thoughts About London

With thousands of articles and blogs in the world about what to see and do in London, I have chosen instead to give my unexpected thoughts about city to give a unique and completely personal perspective on my experience. Hidden among your traditional red phone boxes, double deck buses and palaces is a quirky culture…

Another Travel Blog

Growing up in country Victoria meant that my idea of culture was Vegemite toast, take-away chinese and La Prochetta. I never saw myself as a traveller growing up and there are still people way more dedicated to travel than myself. It wasn’t until I was eighteen-years-old after graduating from a Catholic school that I finally…

Singapore and the 5 Reasons to Visit

Let’s be honest, travelling is an incredible experience…. Once you get there. A flight spanning over 20 hours long can be dreaded by even the most seasoned travellers. It’s common knowledge most flight travel is broken up into two sections with a layover in between. The layover is often thought about as the most dreaded…

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